Jott Replacement? Two Best Options, One Winner?

Jott just announced they’re ending their service. I’ve been using Jott’s transcription for a number of years to take notes by phone, and have the notes transcribed into text. What I particularly liked about the service was that it linked to other services I use, such as Google Calendar, Evernote and Twitter, as well as letting you send messages directly to your contacts.

I’ve looked at two options:

  • Reqall seems like a cool service. They have apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc. Reqall seems focused on helping you remember things–hence the name. Reqall also connects to Evernote, Google Calendar, as well as Outlook, and even works for IM. It also has a free option, which Dial2Do doesn’t, and a lot of productivity-specific features.
  • Dial2Do is closer to what Jott did. In addition to mobile apps they also have the ability to connect to Evernote, WordPress, Twitter, and a lot of other applications. The cheaper of their two pricing options is $2.50/month, which isn’t bad.

So who’s the winner?

Not surprisingly, the two services have different advantages.

  • Free Memos to Self: Reqall — If price is a consideration, and if the main thing you’re looking for is memos to yourself (and a little help organizing your life) then check out Reqall.
  • Voice to Everything: Dial2Do — The main advantage of Dial2Do seems to be the ability to interface with a lot more applications, the way Jott did. For the full-featured version it’s only $5.99/month (as of April 2011) which is in line with what Jott was charging.

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