Author: Byron Alley

Admit Mistakes (When it matters)

Conventional wisdom about management mistakes has changed. It’s just not cool these days to hide your blunders: the world is too transparent. The latest trend is towards admitting errors quickly and completely. Great. It’s a step up from the blame-deflection…

When Consumers Are Not Clients

It’s an especially good point that there’s a difference between the consumers of these media products and the clients of the media companies. This isn’t really new, though. What’s really happened is that as each new medium has become mainstream, it’s become a medium for sales as well as communicating news.

Behavioural Advertising – The Right Way

The FTC has been “up in Google’s grill” with privacy concerns about behavioural advertising ever since Google decided to acquire DoubleClick. Google’s Nicole Wong has been trying hard to defend Google’s online advertising practices. The bottom line is that right…